On the February 21st, 2008, the Voyager 2 spacecraft has been EXACTLY 85.147 AU far from the Sun and on it's way towards the Telescopium constellation. To celebrate this big anniversary, we have made this piece... and then got bored waiting until tuesday.


This strip was published in the Computer magazine (5.5.2011). We decided to put in on web on a fan request.

The Last Supper, part II.

The classic revisited.


It wasn't even 20 months since we updated this web for the last time and yet we are being accused of neglecting the English edition of Bugemos. How can you be so impatient, people? Anyways, we still have plans to continue translating our strips to English, only the time is playing against us. So take this strip as an example of things to come...


This is another episode which deals with the outer space. Yes, we are attracted by it, inspired by it, we can't stop thinking about it ... maybe we should have read Dostoyevsky instead of A. C. Clarke when we were young, and watched Friends instead of Futurama, when we got older. But that's how we are and this is our next strip.


And 2006 is almost over. Wasn't a bad year for some of us, sucked for the others... well, that's the way the cookie crumbles my dear. Anyways, I'm sure most of you just care how to get wasted tomorrow (if you are an exception, please forgive) and how to injure as many people as possible with improper handling of commercial pyrotechnics. But we at bugemos wish you Happy New Year and hope to meet you on this web again!

Merry Christmas

Let's just ignore the shopping frenzy in which the Christmas has evolved over the time. Even that aside, it's just a fake birthday of a presumably non-existing person. But don't think we are just ironic pagans here at Bugemos. We wish you very nice holiday if you have some, enjoy the Christmas food if you cook some, and the christmas spirit, if you still believe it exists.

It's not just the Force what matters

We apologize for the weeks of non-contribution. As we are originally creating our comic strips in Czech language, we sometimes end up with jokes which are impossible to translate, and that's what has been happening recently. Hopefully those dark times are over, and now let's have a look into the galaxy far, far away...

Apollo 142

Let's return to the Universe today, namely to the Moon. We at Bugemos are big fans of space exploration and as such, we hope that flights to our one and only natural satellite will be resumed once in the future. For that reason, we humbly present our suggestion for the next extravehicular activity.

Schwab Inc. - episode III.

Life in luxury is just one of many advantages you can get from having multi-billion assets. You can also try doing things noone from the unprivileged can do. So let's make a short trip to Switzerland today...

F. Evil, M.B.A. - Episode I.: The Hunt

When we decided to internationalize our comics blog, we were wondering what to do with the character of F. Evil, M.B.A. In our creative past, there was a very popular character of Prof. Damien Evil (the identical twin of our new hero), however all his stories are known only to the readers in Czech language. In the end, we decided to just lay it out plain, and hope the new Evil will find it's audience as well.

Ashdown reloaded

We have returned to the future once again for today's strip, to admire the worldwide dominance of the the machines. One would expect that everything in such world would run like a clockwork, but we are here to show you, that even machines have their issues.

The Monster

The advances in science and technology may once bring humanity to the stage where space travel, contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations and fitting (one would say gay) uniforms can be the norm. We can only hope that even in such world, there will still exist fairy tales for the little ones. So let's tell one right now.


In today's strip, we are going to observe situation, which can be hardly solved even in the fantastic world of superhero comics, where nothing seems to be a problem...



Sometimes it's really hard to be original. One may have the intention, one may try hard, but once done, one can easily relize he became nothing but a copycat. This strip could be therefore also called "How close can one get to PBF without being noticed."